full moon update


IMG_0345 (1024x767)Harvesting something other than zucchini!!  Green beans are starting

IMG_0346 (743x1024)Lufa/loofa.  male flowers only so far

IMG_0347 (1024x768)the new flower garden, although a lot of the green is PURSLANE. Have never had such a vigorous crop!

IMG_0348 (1024x768)main garden, mostly green beans, zucchini and tomatoes. some pole beans in the right front and some eggplant to the left front. back are potatoes in containers. Not only lush, but productive too. So far have one full gallon freezer back of zucchini and two others (one cut up and the other “spaghetti”) in the works.  If necessary, a little further along will take them out of the freezer and can

IMG_0349 (768x1024)Nangua, a winter squash known by a number of different names. all growing from containers – a total of 7 plants in 6 x 5 gallon pots. at last two female flowers have fertilized. not I have to keep any growing up there in the tree from growing in and around branches and such.  am hoping to get at least 3, and better would be 5 – which will give me squash to share.

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