dechlorinating the water


A few years ago began harvesting snow and rainwater and found a HUGE difference in how the plants did.  From there, started saving our shower warm up water in our bathtub and transferring that to water butts for the garden. 

But during the summer months I use more water than the waterbutts can supply in that manner – and when there is a winter season like this one, ie DRY from December to July, you can’t count on anything but the city well supply.

Anyway, bought a couple of dechorinators.  Chose


both have good reviews and the filters themselves can be replaced rather than having to replace the whole unit.  Rainshower says send the old filter back to them for recycling.

Am aware that depending on many factors, while the dechlorinated water is good for the natural humus forming organisms, sometimes other necessary minerals are also filtered from the water. so both filters have been set up so I can still use regular water for filling the water butts to just evaporate the chorine and still leave my minerals. between the two, plus regular feeding, think I’ll be fine.

We have hard water, but even with all the calcium, there is obviously an imbalance that keeps the plants from picking it up because blossom end rot is a real problem here.  This year started using the product that prevents that as soon as the seedlings got to a certain height and so far that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

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