use water butts for many reasons, only one is hooked up to the gutters.  the rest are various places around the yard to hold and age our chlorinated city water for use on the garden.  It gets hot enough here that by the time the summer comes, the water butts don’t hold enough to water the garden for a day!  So in general have added a chlorine filter, but want to use regular water for the other minerals that the filter takes out.  In the southeast corner of our yard have a couple of bare spots where I have container gardens.  These are all micro climates, and there is no water source in that area.  So far I’ve been using a 15 gallon plastic garbage can, but its too small so went looking for a larger one.  Local pro Build selling these 60gallon units for $39!  But needs two people to attach the bung to the lowest drain hole OR very long arms.

IMG_0350 (768x1024)

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