update and harvest


At this time of year, the garden is just flourishing.  From what I hear, am not the only one in town with a fabulous, best ever, garden!  Every morning now its harvest zucchini and green beans.  Freezer is getting full of zucchini, so will end up canning this bounty and leave room for other things, like green beans, which we don’t like canned.  Chard is also doing really well, usually it also stops growing in the heat, but between where I have it situated and this summer’s fabulous weather, its lush.

IMG_0351 (1024x399)First rhubarb harvest this morning.  Unlike my last attempts, this one is doing great. Location? weather? don’t know, and not arguing. it is in a container rather than directly in the ground.

My great water butt deal has been a lot of work, but after much work, some caulk and some flex seal, filled it with water this morning and find that the bottom bung is indeed leaking.  since it is sitting where it is, will just let it sit as the leaking water will feed the tree there. and I’ll caulk and flex seal some more when I can

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