harvest and preserve!


PHENOMENAL year in the garden!!

IMG_0352 (1024x903)Am only growing 5 chard plants this year in a container no less.  This was a batch harvested on Sunday.  a few leaves went into a salad. the rest got chopped and frozen and measured out at a little more than 1/2 a gallon.  Harvested some again yesterday for salad, and again this morning for a friend.

Purslane has been awesome also.  have never had enough to harvest, have never had it last so long. usually about the time it shows up, it just succumbs to the heat and is gone!

Have about 8 good size zucchini in the fridge for canning. and yesterday discovered one of those hidden baseball bats that Zucchini is known for.  over 12” long and 3” in diameter.  While I don’t mind them that size – great for making zucchini pizza or stuffing – the DH does. so this morning peeled off the skin and sliced it up for zucchini chips. lots of nice juicy garlic (hope its not tooooo intense when dry), a little oil, some salt and pepper.  letting it marinate and into the dehydrator it will go.

Right now, the heat is back on, and everything has slowed down.  do see some romas ripening up.  and see the hornworms have been around. by the time I get out in the morning though, the birds have taken care of them.

We did have an apple rhubarb crisp over the weekend and have slowly munched it down.  but there is more rhubarb out there and from what I see, might be able to split that crown for multiple plants next season.  Maybe dig it up and pot it into the greenhouse to winter over.

This has just been such an incredible year for the garden and am trying to make the best of it for the oncoming year.

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