August 10, 2014 update


20140810_051525Moonset about 5:05AM PST


We are finally having some rain, and slightly cooler temps.  Garden is transitioning back to growing from the heat induced stasis it gets in July.  We’ve had some monster Zucchini, which has just been sitting in the fridge and getting eaten as we go along.  The first batch of bush green beans are being allowed to go to seed.  The other 3 lots have not shown any sign of flowering and the stasis period may have brought them together, so they will all be coming in at once. We’ll see

Have started seeds for fall growing, and over winter in the greenhouse.

Rhubarb plant and the five chard plants are in big pots and find have got to keep them trimmed back or they quickly shadow themselves out and stop growing.  The other day canned two half pints of rhubarb with some lemon, no sugar. wasn’t ready to make anything but needed to open up the plant.  Today it was cut back the chard. some went into our salad and the rest was chopped for the freezer.  Chard pretty much grows all year but there is another stasis period during November – February that its good to have stuff in the freezer.

Cannot believe that Ball has a machine to do small batch hot water bath canning!  What is the problem with taking just a few jars in a pot on the stove?

am looking at this rocket stove:  Saw one in the thrift (not this particular one, but a similar style) for $60 and said its heavy, do I really want to haul this around?  and I didn’t know anything about them.  Then I started to think how nice it would be for  hot water bath canning during the summer months, outside and that I can use some of the smaller trimmings from our winter wood stove cutting.  Plus it will be here when and if the SHTF!

Oh yea, the roma tomatoes are starting to ripen and the hornworm caterpillars have been busy also.  The birds get the caterpillars before I even see them, I just see the residue. 

And now that this storm front is barreling through with rains and hail, I wonder how the new seedlings are doing?

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