cheap composter

This is the cheap YIMBY composter – – it came yesterday and I struggled to put it together today.  This is one of those have to look up the assembly instructions on line!  which I did not of course.  The barrel was fairly straight forward with one exception. The hole match up for the door panel was different for the others – for absolutely not reason that I could see!  But since I hadn’t aligned the ends properly had to undo that part and shift it around.  Then came the legs.

Actually, had done the legs first and then mounted the barrel on them to do some of the assembly as it is easier that way – and recommended in the paperwork sent with the unit.

Was not going to use the divider but then figured it was so cheap without it the unit might warp.

IMG_0372 (768x1024)So when all done, this is how it stood!  Not level and unable to turn it.  Cannot see why and how this is happening other than the possibility that the bends were not done correctly for the leg pieces.  All the pieces measured correctly length wise, but the width at the bottom on the right is different than on the left.  Did change the pieces around, switched, turned, shifted, etc but the result was the same.

IMG_0373 (768x1024) This is how I solved the problem.  Still crooked, and easily accounted for by the angle on one side being different than the other.  If I could turn the supports at the bottom 90degrees could make it work, but it was designed to meet front and back.  So I’ll either leave it this way or end up attaching them at the 90 degree mark and being done with it.  At least it will turn/spin and I can use the damn thing!

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