ROCKET stove

first,  had to find a good table to put the stove on.  as this is going to part of an outdoor kitchen, it had to be of size and sturdy and weather resistant.  Ended up with this one:’’

Yes, it is cheap!  and as a result it sort of sags in the middle, so one needs be careful how you are using it.

The rocket stove is this one

and yesterday I set it up for the first time.  The table was very easy to put together. and again, its cheap and is little warped as will happen with big sheets of thin metal.  does have plastic feet to protect it from the elements. 

The stove was easy to light, and get going.  Since we heat with wood, had a lot of small trimmings which were perfect for starting.  and had some small thick pieces left over from cutting starting pieces for the wood stove that made good cooking fuel.  Being at altitude, getting water boiling takes a little while, but not too long.  just cooked corn this time.

Since the stove had hot burning coals when the corn was done, had to leave the stove to cool while we ate lunch.  Before we were done the clouds let loose with beaucoup rain!  we’ve been having this downpours this monsoon season, INCHES at a time!

This morning, after things had dried up some checked the stove (which we don’t want to leave in the rain) and found hardly any ashes from yesterday’s  cooking!  It had not washed out, although it had compressed down in the bottom.  I scraped it out today, and it looks like a piece of the wall came out with it?!?!?! will definitely have to watch that in the future!

The pot did get a lot of soot on it.  Since I used a stainless pot was able to clean it off.  Of course, could have started collecting that soot up for making ink!  May consider a set of cookware dedicated to the outdoor cooking.  That can be an investment, fortunately, we have good thrift shops here and will look there for pieces dedicated to this stove.  Even the Revereware pot I’d used for the corn came from the thrift for $6! so it’s a real possibility.

In the long run, this will be a great item for helping keep our kitchen cooler as well as keeping the stove uncluttered when I have canning, or large quantities to cook, or am slow cooking a pork butt or corned beef.

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