garden update


Took down most of the shade cloth yesterday.  realized the reason the squash aren’t coming back is not enough light.  Should have come down a couple of weeks ago, we’ll see if this is soon enough

IMG_0374 (768x1024)leaving the back half of the garden covered so the tomatoes and peppers don’t get sunburned, but opening the rest of the garden to light Squash on the left already pulling the plants, will plant fall growing seedlings here for the winter, putting in hoops and frost blanket for the months to come

IMG_0375 (1024x768)three different planting of beans here, at least 2 weeks between each. they’ve all caught up with each other though and are now starting to flower.  two different varieties here, so probably won’t be keeping the seeds from these.

IMG_0376 (1024x768)little micro climate garden with fall salad greens in the front.  Can’t see them in the picture very well but Broccoli, Broccoli Raab and Kale also in this planter

IMG_0378 (768x1024)the little shade house with seedlings planted nearly a month ago.  have already given away some of the seedlings.

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