busy times in the garden


IMG_0374 (768x1024)At this time of year in the SW, this time of year can be as busy as the spring!  This morning cleaned out the first planting of zucchini and bush beans from the east bed (left) in the main garden.  The beans had been left to seed, so it was collect the pods, compost the greens and marvel at how the cycle continues with nourishment to us this year and the year to come, while the body of the plant nourishes itself as compost.IMG_0378 (768x1024)Then grabbed most of these seedlings and planted them in the main garden: 5 Broccoli Raab, 9 red leaf romaine lettuce and 8 broccoli. and some pea seeds.  Put in the hoops for the winter, and for now a bit of the shade cloth, like you see above, to shade the new seedlings

Should have started these seeds earlier!  Plant my seeds at dark of moon most of the time.  As the dark of moon is at the end of the month, they didn’t get started until late July.  Should have planted them in late June, they’d be further along and stronger. 

Oh well, its all a learning experience!

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