learning to use the Rocket Stove


IMG_0385 (768x1024)Boiled potatoes in it today.  Great to not have that heat in the kitchen BUT we do not have native hardwoods here.  AZ Cypress is the hardest evergreen we have and while it’s okay for the fireplace insert, using it for cooking you realize how soft the wood is.

Lots of other places have pictures of the stoves being used with the sticks hanging out of the firebox on the supplied rack and talking about pushing them in about every 10 minutes.  With the soft woods here, it was every 4 minutes or so AND it was burning faster than it was making room in the firebox.  So it was not unusual for the flames to start licking up the outside (see picture) and for bits of burning wood/coal to drop off onto the table.

It took more wood than if it had been oak or elm, but still, not really a lot.  and its all pretty small stuff, not what you would use in the heating stove or campfire.  It didn’t cook the potatoes faster than the regular stove, but just as fast, so other than having to keep an eye on it and keep shoving wood in, it was no bother.

Probably as dirty as it is because its all soft wood too.

Anyway, dinner is ready.  Next time I’ll try making some pulled pork.

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One Response to learning to use the Rocket Stove

  1. Brian R. says:

    i debated between this and a Biostove and I bought the later because of the dual purpose. Do you think I should add one of these to my preps as a back up stove?

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