cast iron cookware update

thanks to a friend and neighbor (thank you Sunday!), plus a fortuitous purchase at the thrift shop, have been able to return to cast iron from that non-stick stuff. Even though it was “ceramic”, it was still soft, pots were thin, the stuff chipped and scratched, and mostly the pots were aluminum, thin, and did not distribute heat evenly. Eventually, am sure the ceramic finish would wear off and become useless too.
Why and how did Lodge become THE name in cast iron cookware? At least its the one I hear the most. My recent acquirements, and my best old time stuff, has either no name on the bottom; only the initials SK and a number. OR, they say Griswald. It is all lighter weight than the Lodge, all has the smooth polished interior, and is all heavier in weight than that Chinese crap that’s coming around. Although, to be honest, do have a couple of 4 or 5″ Lodge pans that are pretty smooth finish and perfect for that fried egg or two for breakfast.
anyway, we had pancakes this morning on my “new to me” griddle, and what a delight. Unlike my old Lodge griddle they were easy to pick up and flip. They griddle cleaned beautifully, the pancakes were perfect!
I know cast iron is soft, when its really thin like the Chinese stuff, it is also fragile and could actually break if dropped on a tile or concrete. The iron can chip and if it does, that stop will never be “non stick”, because what ever you are cooking will dip down into that divet and hangs one. Although it will always be better than trying to fry something on stainless or aluminum! and we know what iron is! We know what it does to our system. and best off all, we know the stuff will last, and last, and last. No need to replace it every few years.

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