garden update: zucchini

starting off the season with 8 zucchini plants had me awash with the stuff at the beginning of the season. froze several gallons (filled so called gallon freezer bags), canned 7 quarts, gave some away and ate some. Those larger than life ones I found awhile back did not make good chips, as hard as they were before drying, they were rocks afterwards! And it was a good thing that I made use of that harvest as the plants did not come back after the summer “stasis” period. One single fruit is all. There is new growth showing now, but as its the beginning of September, see a very rare possibility for more zucchini from these plants this year. So have begun pulling them. Since I’m working with barrel composters, have to cut a plant up, let it sit for a few days to shrink down about 75%, then I can cut back the next plant. Need the bed to be ready for planting garlic and onions by mid/late October or after when ever we have had our first frost.
What I have learned is to plant my zucchini, harvest and then pull the plants when the heat clamps down on the production. BUT, be sure to have plants ready to plant new once the rains and cooler weather comes in August, so we can have another harvest at the end of the month. Did do that one year and it worked very well. So that will be the new plan for the future with zucchini.

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