beginning of the end

Coming to the end of the main summer growing season; and that means the end of the harvest also.  Bush beans are still producing, but VERY slowly.  Getting about this much each day, not enough for two people. Have discovered that sitting in a bowl of water in the fridge keep the beans crisp and fresh for several days.  Change the water if necessary after three.  BTW, this is from a combination of the second, third and fourth plantings, plus the pole beans.  The first planting of bush beans gave me LOTS of beans, so many and so fast it was like you could stand there and watch them grow

IMG_0412            IMG_0413

Nothing much left after this picking of the Roma tomatoes.  this is about a pint once seeded, roasted and peeled.  The few that are left will either go into salads or just get chopped up over pasta, and the green ones will be collected for a green tomato something when all the other tomatoes are done.

Lots of still green peppers on the biggest pepper plants I’ve ever had, but they are not ripening.

Eggplant did well for a change.  not too much, but a few meals with eggplant included.

Yellow pear tomatoes are starting to ripen, getting about 5 every two or three days. and the orange tomatoes are still very green, so may end up in the green tomato something.

one winter squash, small, came off the vine so I brought it inside.  Another one had started, but some critter got at it and its gone.  There is one growing up in a tree.  So from 7 plants that may be it for winter squash (Nagua)

pole beans got snipped at ground level.  What did grow never got taller than waist high, and then, one by one, they got clipped and are just hanging there brow and dead.

Haven’t even looked at what the potatoes are doing, although one pot has a couple of little red things popping up at the surface.

for the fall, the seedlings put in the main bed have done terribly, although the peas are coming up.  The Kale planted in the big container facing east, that gets afternoon shade, are doing very well.  The grow bag in the shady area under the tree has healthy mesculan salad greens doing well, as is the broccoli, broccali raab, and the kale.  The self seeded lettuce are doing okay too.

Oh yeah, a volunteer melon coming up next to the lavender. No idea what it is, and if it will be good.  If it is, though, will save the seeds

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