9/19 in the garden


IMG_0417 (672x1024) Getting ready for the winter.  these will all be going into the greenhouse for winter growing

IMG_0418 (1024x768)  This is what is left of the main garden.  eggplant still happening somewhat.  picked what are probably the last of the roma’s (on the right) this morning

IMG_0419 (1024x768) this is the flower garden area Hyssop, bee balm, marigold, calendula, sage, lavender and sunflowers, plus the obvious orange flowers whose name I can’t remember Smile!  For attracting butterflies to the veggies

IMG_0420 (1024x768) This is the container growing area.  to the left are potatoes in bags, and one big comfrey.  The biggest peppers I’ve ever grown – both size of the plants, and size of the peppers! but they’re still green, and some tomatoes and one bush zucchini plant that has so far produced one single fruit!

IMG_0421 (1024x768)bush beans. These are the second, third and forth plantings. still producing, but not a lot

IMG_0422 (768x1024)in the “cool” zone, salad greens, broccoli, broccoli raab, kale, and some onion volunteers

IMG_0423 (768x1024)my one single lone winter squash growing up in a tree.  and then, accidently I cut the vine that this is growing on Sad smile.  right now, have the end of the vine in a bucket of water with plant food. hopefully it will keep it going.

IMG_0424 (768x1024)the winter squash plants growing up into the trees.  all the lower fruit got eaten as soon as they got to any size, even though they were fenced in.  that’s kale on the left, chard on the right (and maybe you can see some of the rhubarb in the foreground)

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