celebrating the harvest

Today is the fall equinox, but also known as Mabon, the second harvest celebration.  and while we celebrate the bounty of the harvest pretty much every day here, today will make a special effort to include, and with special thanks, these many gifts. 

Yesterday’s supper was pasta with a sauce made from the first of the Kale and some of the last of the Roma tomatoes (plus bacon, onion, and garlic)

IMG_0446 (1024x768)Dinner today will include these newly harvested potatoes, and some of the last of the green beans, along with a slow cooked brisket.  Desert will be an apple crisp with just harvested Rhubarb.

IMG_0444 (1024x768) This is the first of the sweet peppers.  not entirely ripe (that’s not a blemish, just a bit of dried on leaf), but was too impatient to wait any longer.

The garden was very productive this year in general.  The bush beans did better the first part of the summer, the first planting producing alone about as much as I’ve gotten from the second, third and fourth plantings combined.  Pole beans did not do well at all.  Peppers grew taller and produced better than ever!  Ditto with the eggplant.  Right now, the basil is coming back strong after having been totally overgrown through much of the summer by zucchini.  Would have liked to have more zucchini, but when growing for the year, there never seems to be enough!  same with the beans.  Tried Kale for the first time this year, and wasn’t sure how it would go over, but FRESH from the garden is much better than those big tough leaves they sell at market. 

The fall garden is still a bit iffy as we are getting some hot days, and its less than 30 days to first frost!  Will plant more lettuce seeds today and mesclun greens.  hopefully have enough lettuce to get us to the Solstice and then any young seedlings should begin to take off.

So I offer thanks for these great blessings, too numerous to list and wish you all equal abundance and good fortune!

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