not so easy vest

Inspired by a super easy vest to make, devised this pattern.  Nothing fancy.  Just a back, knit round to sides and then a long piece for the front connecting sides to top back.  I’m not keen on sewing my knits, always seem to make them too tight. Would rather Knit them together and the first time I did this sweater it was all knit.  and it was not very good.  Basically because I’d miscalculated the arm holes – which I seem to do a lot – and they hung open to about my waist!  The stockinet stitch I’d used for the back and sides had too much ease and combined between being too big and stretching out – just too much.  This time I did the back in stockinet, the sides in garter, using short rows to allow more at the hips than at the bust, then just did a long scarf in stockinet which I sewed it.  Used some more short rows around the neck so the outer edge would spread rather than be tucked in tight around my neck.

IMG_0448                                  IMG_0449

The yarn is Cascade’s Tangier, 50% silk, 16% cotton, 17% acrylic, and 17% viscoise. the color is #7, Tapestry.  It took about 250 grams, which is 2-1/2 skeins, about 550 yards.

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