Asian greens

Local garden center has been offering various Asian greens. Got some seedlings of Tokyo Bekana:

Small Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana

This is a Japanese version of Small Chinese Cabbage. Yellowish-green, frilled leaves and white flat petioles are excellent for stir-fry and soup. This fast-growing vegetable is very easy to grow all year round, excellent for home garden growing.

and have just harvested seeds from some Komatsuna I’d gotten in the spring:


An unlikely relative of the turnip family, this large leafy green is grown almost exclusively in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Komatsuna gets its name from the Komatsugawa district, which includes Edogawa, Katsushika and Adachi wards. Tokyo was the second-largest regional producer of komatsuna in 2004. It is also called spinach mustard, Komatsuna has dark green leaves that are rich in calcium and often quite glossy. They can be harvested at any stage and prepared like spinach in the early stages and more like cabbage as they mature. The flavor grows stronger and hotter the longer the leaves mature. This versatile green can be stir-fried, pickled, boiled and added to soups or used fresh in salads.

Both are easy to grow and add flavor variety. Of course, we’re still growing a lot of brasilica, but they are tasty!

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