making yogurt

Had been off yogurt for awhile, but after paying the big $$ for some organic at the health food store last week, decided it was time to make my own again. this time was not so careful, not so persnickety about the details. Just dumped a quart of organic 2% milk into a pot on the stove on low heat (Using a simmer mat to prevent scorching) for several hours. added some non fat dry milk to thicken. stirred well, let heat a little longer and then set off to cool while we had lunch. After lunch the milk had cooled to probably about 100F degrees. mixed in some of that yogurt I’d bought and poured it into containers and put it into the dehydrator to sit at about 120F. Forgot about it until 6-1/2 hours later. into the fridge it went. This morning checked it out. Firm, smooth, delicious.

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