just off the needles

and out of the washing machine

had bought this novelty yarn for the purposes of making a shawl. it is GALAXI, made in Spain, 3 x 100 gram balls.  Wanted a narrow, long shawl. first made a big rookie error on gauge and it was turning out to be wider than I wanted.  Would have ended up with a small (about 36”) nearly square.  Since the nature of the yarn made it difficult to unravel, set aside the piece that was started and took the needles and cast on 1/2 as many stitches as were in the original piece (50 to the 100) and knit in pattern.  Then sewed the edges together and finished it as a VERY WIDE piece.  Threw it into the washing machine this morning, but hanging it up to dry.  color is true in the first two outdoor pictures, shifted in the “model” ones.  it was knit on #13 needles, garter stitch for the lacy effect alternated { K2tog, yo } – knitting the next row- with {k1,yo} = knitting the next row, dropping the yo.  finished project about 52” wide and 17” long

IMG_0464 (894x1024)IMG_0465 (1024x768)

IMG_0462 (487x1024)IMG_0461 (816x1024)IMG_0463 (696x1024)IMG_0457 (664x1024)

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