Winter soups

Time to start the winter soup making! This week its potato leek. Already did 7 quarts of chicken stock. For this soup dug out some of the saved Turkey carcasses from the freezer and got the stock pot going. This morning strained that, and added Bob’s Red Mill potato flakes (instead of dairy), some chopped up potatoes, and a nice leak that had been sauted in bacon fat and garlic. Salt and pepper of course. And after cooking a bit, into the canning jars. 9 quarts. Unfortunately, my canner only takes 7 – and not enough to get out the other canner. So 2 quarts will go into the fridge for more immediate eats. Did seal the jars with canning lids so they will keep quite awhile in the fridge.

Soup like this is a great base for a richer soup as a meal, or as is for having with a sandwich or salad.
To thicken it up, add corn, more potatoes, Kale or Spinach, ham, crumbled bacon, top with a sprinkle of grated sharp cheddar.

As I love to eat, fall/winter time is my favorite for hearty meals!

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