cowl with a twist

dreadful pictures.  This is an unknown brand of worsted acrylic yarn, about 4oz, knit on #9 circular needles.  Cast on 120 stitches, place marker, knit first few rows in garter, letting stitches twist at least twice on first round.  Then, (k2tog, yo) through row, purl next row, and continue in garter stitch for about another inch and repeat the (k2tog, yo) (purl) then garter stitch for another inch, etc. continue for about 8 inches.  bind off loosely.


The acrylic is not the softest, drapiest yarn there is, but this a nice cowl that can offer some warmth, while just looking like a nice addition to a sweater.  This particular yarn is black with very bright color bits so it will go with a lot of different outfits.  and is long enough to not muss a hairdo when putting on and off

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