bee update

Not much to really update as the hive failed. Did not open it early enough in the season to determine why, but have my suspicions and disease isn’t one of them.
1. location, location, location. Being in Arizona, was afraid of the hive getting too hot in the summer and placed it in the shade of some evergreens. Knew it would get good winter sun, but it might have been too shady for the summer. Know others who have their hives in full sun for the day and they are doing fine.
2. pollen flow was low last year, with a dry summer, so no fall flowering plants. This area does not have a lot of landscaped properties, not even much in the way of flowers. Only a few veggie gardens, and mine did not do well due to an influx of gophers! and there are feral hives about, so there is competition for what is available
3. did I use good sugar. Cane sugar will help build honey stores, beet sugar will sustain, but not build stores.
4. almost as soon as I’d put in the hive, our dog decided she was too old for big walks and picked one spot for doing her morning business and it happened to be upwind from the hive – phew!
5. did I overfeed? and get them used to sugar syrup rather than working for the pollen.
Have finally started dismantling the hive and see the wax moths have really decimated the combs that had been built which is why I have no idea what went wrong. After much thought, have decided to clean up the hive box (its a top bar), move it to a more open location, and try another batch of bees. Thought of trying to capture a swarm, but decided to go with a known quality/quantity of bee so have ordered a batch for the spring.
have found a spot nearer to the house, much more open to the sun and elements, protected somewhat from curious eyes as it is an open, public location. working on preparing the spot, and am going to get to work on cleaning and re-prepping the hive so it has some time in the sun to just air out and let the sun clean and purify all.

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2 Responses to bee update

  1. Chris says:

    I am so sorry to hear your hive failed. This is sad whenever it happens. As you probably know ,it’s not uncommon these days. If it helps, I just said a prayer for you future hives and your success.

  2. Sherry Grace says:

    I was very excited about your bees, and am sorry for this setback. Will look forward to more adventures with bees in future.

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