planting garlic

fall is as busy a season in the garden as spring! and we’ve yet to have a frost, so its easy to put things off.

Finally finished clearing the west bed in the main garden area to plant garlic and shallots. Unfortunately, last year we had no rain after December and I just plain didn’t water them! So my shallots did okay, but my garlic was puny. The Siskiyou purple did best, and though its not my favorite garlic, planted some of it today as it did the best on horrid conditions. For the rest, picked up some elephant and regular garlic from a local organic farmer. He’s about 500 feet lower in altitude than I am, but that’s closer than most of what I might purchase. The 2 bulbs of elephant garlic gave me about 8 or 10 cloves. Also had 3 other bulbs of regular garlic; the cloves forming similar to the Siskiyou. The shallots were all from what I’d grown last year. Two years ago bought some shallots at the local health food store, that gave me about 6 bulbs. I’ve brought that up to 12 or 15, including having some for use in the kitchen. This year, will be sure to water and fertilize!

Also spaced them better than I usually do. Start off with good spacing and then they get closer and closer together as I go along.

Usually am a stickler for counting the cloves I’ve planted, but not this year for some reason. Am looking forward to the first shoots in about 6 weeks.

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One Response to planting garlic

  1. OrganicREADY says:

    This reminds me…I have to get mines in the garden soon.

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