potato harvest

Growing potatoes takes up a lot of room and when you compare to how cheap, even organic, potatoes are to buy, one wonders if it is worth it. Then you taste a truly NEW potato and you know. So here I am, several years later, still trying to grow potatoes in the Arizona desert in my backyard!

So the first thing I’ve (finally) learned, is that the potatoes grow best in a hard sided bin rather than a “grow bag”. Now I have nothing against grow bags, have done a lot of my gardening in them because they make it easy to grow things in the small nooks and crannies of a back yard, and allow you to take advantage of micro-climates. But potatoes, for what ever reason, have done best in the hard sided pots compared to a grow bag. and even then, the yields are small . . .

Heat is a factor also, and it may just be too hot for growing potatoes well in the summer here. So this winter will be experimenting with a crop. I’ll try some in the greenhouse and some outside exposed to the elements.

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