destash day

Utter sacrilege I know, but today, went through the yarn stash and de-stashed about a 1/3 of it!

We all know we acquire yarn for a variety of reasons, and as we learn and develop our skills, some of that stuff may not really be useable for our purposes.  and then there are all those single skeins that would be great for a tam, a hat, a pair of wristlets or gloves.  Well, I know I’m not knitting any of those things.  Nor am I going to be using the bulky wool, or the really fine sock yarn.  and how did I end up with so many skeins of plain old acrylic yarn in various shades of BLUE – not even the same shade!  And lets not forget the close out lot of 50 balls of Peaches and crème cotton – all different colors – that a bought back at the beginning.  WHile I’ve used a lot of it, what’s left are in my favorite colors (NOT!) of orange and pinks.

So today it got sorted.  back to the thrift with some.  the cotton is going to some knitting friends with my patterns for making string bags and double sided pot holders.  The wool is going to someone who will use it.   and I can once again see the floor of my closet!

Now to do the same with my fabric stash . . . .

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