Another learning expierence

Saw this pattern on Ravelry for the Elder Tree Shawl.  Done in a lace weight, with big needles, it was very pretty. Now I love shawls, but wanted this for warmth and chose to do it in Caron soft worsted weight acrylic.  As I knitted along, decided it was getting wider (long edge of the triangle)  faster than it was getting long, so I changed the pattern slightly with a single row of knit after each pattern repeat.  and this did accomplish what I THOUGHT I wanted!  By the time the long edge was so many stitches that it was becoming tedious (and that was well into the fourth skein) it was long enough for the triangle peak to cover my butt.  So I finished it off to find that it was NOT wide enough!  If I had stayed with the pattern, it would have eventually gotten to this length, but would have been MUCH wider.  and I would have been much happier with the finished result.  As it is, its still a nice snuggly shawl, and I will use it probably more than originally intended as it will become like a sweater for around the house.  Just can’t wrap it around my body and snug it into place with a nice shawl pin (actually the one in the picture is a silver hair piece!).  So sadly (NOT) another shawl will be in my knitting future!

IMG_0503 (797x1024)               IMG_0504 (279x563)         IMG_0505 (359x521)

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