keeping warm

Just finished this lap robe.  If it seems like it was finished incredibly quick after a pair of socks, its because most of this was knitted last year.  Got too warm to continue having this draped over my body while I knitted, so was put aside ‘til now.  Still can’t get over how much yarn it takes to make even simple little things!

IMG_0517 (768x1024)Lion Brand home spun thick and quick super bulky Greystone stripes. 5 row, 5 stitch garter stitch border, seed stitch for the rest.  101 stitches on #15 needles.  Measures just over 38” x 68”. weighs 1.75 lbs for 3.5skeins (8 oz / 160 yards each) so about 640 yards total.  at 68” still not long enough to make a good shawl, but will make a great lap robe, nap blanket for the couch, etc..  Laid it out on the floor to measure it and see I kept a pretty consistent gauge, it’s a decent rectangle, not a parallelogram or something odd shape

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