knitting notes

Like most knitters, have a stash of patterns as well as yarns.  But since patterns are usually designed for average people, and I’m not average, tend to use patterns as ideas and suggestions.  That also means doing gauge swatches!  This is a swatch from some Cascade Yarns, Venezia sport in a multi, merino silk yarn.  Did garter and stockinette with both #9 and 10.5 needles.  Notice the pattern difference with how the colors show.  This will ultimately be a hip length or longer lost vest.

IMG_0534 (1024x634)           IMG_0532 (1024x1022)

The second picture is a little sweater bling!  Used a mismatched pair of clip earrings and a bit of a cheap, but sparkly, bracelent

For Christmas, neighbor gave me a skein of sock yarn and a pattern for a pair of toe up socks with an afterthought heel.  Will use both, but not together.  Sock yarn calls for #2 needles and my fingers find that a little too tight and crampy to use.  So will use the yarn to make a lace pattern shawl and the pattern with a heavier weight yarn.

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