almost success

I started knitting to make socks. specifically knee socks. My legs are long and with a heavy calf compared to how most knee socks are made.  I can’t tell you how many pairs of socks, regular as well as knee, I’ve knitted over the last couple of years.  This year I finally refined my sock knitting, mostly because I found what I consider to be ideal sock yarn – Cascade’s cherub aran.  So then, I moved to conquer the knee sock/leg warmer. 

Somewhere I had read the most common reason socks fall is they are too tight.  In response? I guess I made mine too loose!  Finally consulted a pattern and did a bottom up leg warmer (all previous had been top down).  I’ve also moved to magic circle knitting instead of DPNS.  The biggest difference is a more consistent gauge.  and I made them TIGHTER.

The first one I knit to my usual length.  But one has a choice with stretch – it can stretch lengthwise or it can stretch width wise, it can only do so much of both.  Since this was tighter, it wasn’t long enough.  The second I made 2” longer, and it could probably be a bit longer yet.  I also created a cabled “seam” up the back that limits stretch even further.

Have nothing I can say about this yarn. Think it’s a DK weight, its all acrylic. it was a 7+oz skein picked up at the thrift for cheap. and that’s what I use that stuff for, experimenting with patterns, design and fit.  And I think I have enough here that I can move to my Cherub Aran and do some knee socks that will actually FIT!

IMG_0555 (1024x768)

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