Lotions and potions

Learned something important yesterday when it comes to making my skin care lotions; and that is how cold can make the difference.

Not that I didn’t know that! In cooler weather, when the house is kept in the 60’s, vs summer when the house is in the upper 70’s, makes a difference in how thick or thin my home made lotions/creams are! Mixing shea butter and coconut oil, all solids at room temperature with Almond or Grapeseed oil and aloe vera gel makes them semi-solids. Now when I started what I was making were more salves with lots of beeswax to set them up. Then I learned about emulsifying, and using the thicker oils, especially when the weather was cold.

Yesterday was the first try at NOT using beeswax, but despite high speed mixing, and using an emulsiflier, the aloe vera gel and the lighter oils kept separating from the heavier ones as it cooled. Finally, the lightbulb went on and I mixed everything up and stuck it right into the fridge. Voila! It was so hard after just a short time that I could barely stir it! Even after sitting out all night on the counter it is still a firm cream that has to be carefully scooped out and repacked into jars. If I were buying this, I’d think it was too heavy, but know from past cold winters, my skin gets dry to the point of hurting, much less itching. It takes something rich and soothing to heal that, and best, keep it from happening!

Next time I know, Mix, pour into the jars and then right into the fridge (actually, outside would have been even colder!).

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One Response to Lotions and potions

  1. That’s the way it goes…try,try,and try again..and the success!!

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