clay pot heater

About a year ago one of my nieces told me about this “hack” (Do NOT like that word!).  Only her explanation was not really clear. I understood the concept, but didn’t get the full gist of the idea into my head to make it work.  Last night, was looking around on Etsy and found this one: greenhouse heater Which is three flower pots, held together with the bolt you see at the top. The pots create thermal mass, the candle flame heats that mass, and that heat radiates out into the space.

So I went through what I had on hand and made this one. It is also three flower pots held together with a bolt. 

IMG_0556 (767x1024)There are three tea light candles on what is half of a piece of slump block.  I used some odd pieces of marble to left the pots a bit so the flame wouldn’t actually be touching the inside pots.  Four hours later the greenhouse is actually cozy.  Before I go to sleep, will set up three or four more candles.  Longer burning votives will give nice gentle heat all through most of the night.  Will make a second for those really really cold nights.

Will be starting seeds soon and want to be sure that they get a good chance at germination and survival!

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  1. This is so clever! I wonder if this idea could be used indoors if the power went off. No doubt it would take a lot of precautions so you wouldn’t start a fire!

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