Why I knit

Learning how to use my new cell phone’s camera, so these aren’t the best pictures!

Okay, first pic is an awesome pair of slippers, with felt soles and knit uppers.  Knit material is VERY stretchy up and down, not so stretchy around the leg.  These are the type of slippers I wanted to make, then found these at the thrift for $4 a couple of days ago.

0213150737_resized (1024x576)

This is how they fit around the leg.  Just didn’t have enough hands to do this right, but trust me, no matter how I might have stretched or pulled the fabric, it was NOT coming together around my fat leg! 

0213150739a_resized (1024x576)

Since I usually wear skirts, may, at least temporarily, use rubber bands to hold it together until I decide on a more permanent technique which could vary from making loops as buttonholes, cutting off the existing top and knitting a new one, or making long shanks for the buttons to bring them to the buttonholes.

But this is the problem I have with all such items: knee socks, etc.  Hence, I learned to knit socks . . .

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