more garden stuff


feb gardenAn apricot tree for Valentines day. 

feb garden2These grow bags have already seen 6-7 years in the Arizona desert, and are starting to fail.  If I didn’t try to move them fully loaded, they might not be ripping so badly.  The problem is the small one is equivalent to 4 x  3 gallon pots, while the large one is more like 4 x 5 gallon pots.  When I bought these, had them sent from England cause these were pretty much all there were!  No one was using them here yet.  Now they are everywhere!  These two units still have some life, while the other large on I have pretty much is done.  This year, I’ll be switching to single bags, although I might move my comfrey into the large one shown upside down above and keep the smaller one currently in use for the comfrey for more veggies.  Once its planted it will stay where it is for the duration.

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