last week


gardengot some of my spring seedlings in: peas (closest) got a little bit of fencing as the seedlings were getting chewed, further down the bed put in some lettuce, some broccoli rabe, and bok choy. The big plants you see are the last of the broccoli

garden2Since it is only mid-march, left the frost blanket pinned to the back fence, and using the screening material as a shade cloth cause the sun is pretty strong right now. It will help moderate the temps in the bed also, keep the soil from getting too dry and won’t let the birds or chipmunks in

garden3spent too many hours putting up this arbor with gate by my container garden.  Just had some loose fencing to close this off from the critters.  This allows me  better entry and opens up about 9 square feet of growing space for some more containers

garden4a long shot of the container growing area where I have moved my comfrey into a larger grow bag, put some chard seedlings in another, pulled the container of chard out of the greenhouse, also the containers of potatoes

garden5garlic and shallots.  Elephant garlic closest to the camera, shallots farthest away

garden6Also made about 4 lbs of sausage: hot and sweet Italian, breakfast, and bratwurst.  Since I’m making my own brats, I make them as patties so they fit better on bread.  Also canned 12 pints of tomato sauce with last year’s romas; 2 meat, 3 mushroom, and the rest plain marina.  Add to that the chicken and beef I canned and it was a busy weekend.

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  1. I am so impressed with your gardening! You must have a strong connection to the pioneer woman😄 I feel rewarded when my perennials show up each year. Bea

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