protecting the garden bed

I know its hard to tell in this photo how many layers there are of 1/4” screening on the bottom and along the sides of this garden bed.  Basically, we took three foot wide stuff, and folded it down on the bottom and partially up the sides.  Then we laid 2 foot wide across the bottom, overlapping with the folded sides.  Cut down fence posts went in, to which were added more of the three foot wide stuff, and it was wired into the first layer. and yes, there is a layer of 2×4″ in between.  Other pieces were cut to accommodate a bit of corner.  What makes this so much more difficult is the original concrete block foundation for the original 8’x8’ greenhouse.  Which melted.  and was replaced with a 10’x7’.  so for part of the length of this bed, we’re working around that.  We’ve started refilling this, will add some compost and the rest of the soil and then replant the perennials that were put in last year, along with some bulbs and flower seeds. If we have done this properly, we will NOT have gophers digging in from the bottom, nor will we have rabbits and ground squirrels getting in at the top.

behind me (and my shadow) is the western support for the shade cloth that will go over the greenhouse.  Not enough concrete was put in for the base and it had begun to shift. so that is also being remedied.


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