earth day plus 3

we are having a very unexpected and welcome rain storm.  It has been a very long time since we’ve had a good rain in April, much less several days.  Yesterday it came down in torrents for awhile, unfortunately the big tank was not yet hooked up Sad smile

water As soon as it was over, my dear sweet guy got this jury-rigged to dump what ever else comes this weekend directed into the tank.  This will also give us the chance to see how well it works before we make final decisions on how to do this.  Right now, its just dumping water into the opening at the top where there are two screens. One lives in the tank opening, while another sits over it and is removeable – just lift it out and dump off leaves and stuff that end up there.  Then the top can be put back to secure the tank from evaporation until our next possible rain, which could be July if usual patterns follow.

Garden is loving the rain, forest is loving the rain.  After a wet winter we were already settling into a dangerous fire season with all the spring vegetation starting to dry out.

right now it is drizzling, with thunderstorms predicted for later today, tonight and tomorrow morning.

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