day after naked gardening day

I did garden yesterday, but it was still too cool in the early morning to go fully naked.  and would never share that selfie anyway!  Yesterday just planted some more potatoes in containers, and filled up some of the other containers with sprouting potatoes.

Although it is not within (my) lunar cycle for planting, Ii t is within the solar cycle AND my schedule!

mayday1more bush beans!  This is the end of the long in ground bed where I have zucchini, eggplant and basil.  Also a couple of left over garlic’s from last year coming up.  I use the little screening as support for the beans.  Don’t have to worry, here in the desert, about the water getting trapped on the leaves from growing them close together.  Actually, its better to have crowded beds as they shade themselves that way.

mayday2Pole beans going into this huge grow bag.  This is probably about 100 gallons; its 4’ across and 9” high.  some kale and onions from last year coming up and in the back ground, where the soil wasn’t turned up for planting, you’ll see some ginseng seedlings!  Pole beans have been problematic for me in my main bed and I think it is because of our heat and their long growing season.  We just get sooooo hot for so many weeks that they stop doing anything and by the time the weather cools and they start growing again, its too late for much to happen.  So am trying these here where they will be naturally shaded through the afternoon heat.

mayday3 These are the heirloom striped romas I planted a couple of weeks ago.  This is also a 100 gallon grow bag; 3’ across and 18” high. This is the most eastern of my growing areas – lots of morning and early afternoon sun, with late afternoon shade.  This tomato is an indeterminate and the first time I’m trying a tomato in this area of the yard.

mayday4Bush beans planted in another large container about a month ago.  They’ve been covered through the cool evenings and to keep the little birdies and critters from nipping off those first leaves.

mayday5shallots planted in the same large container next to the bush beans.  These were also planted about a month ago and are coming up fast.  Will take pictures later of the main beds with the shallots that were planted last fall.

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