growing rhubarb

Last year had planted a store bought rhubarb in one of these low fat round containers and got fruit all summer long, BUT the stalks were never more than about 8 or 9”, most about 6”.  Figured a short squat pot gave me a short squat plant.  So this year had planted it into a tall skinny pot of the same size (about 10+ gallons).  I was getting lots of stalks, but they were even shorter!  It seemed they only grew to the edge of the container!  So back into the short wide container.  While I was at it, I split the plant.  This was yesterday.  one looking good, the other questionable.  IF they make it, next year will have to make room for the last of the 100 gallon grow bags I have and plant them both in there.  Maybe I’ll try to get a thirty or 40 gallon grow bags for them to live in.  We’ll see.  I’m running out of room in this area, and they do seem to like the shorter sun period than we have in the other areas. 

IMG_0630 (1280x960)

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