garlic harvest & planting


garlicWith the tail end of TWO pacific hurricanes threatening rain over the next week, decided to pull the garlic.  Elephant garlic (on the right) still had little cloves forming.  Leaves and stalks were dying, but heads were still forming.  Strange.  On the left is regular garlic and as you can see, some of these are as large as the elephant!  Think I’ll stick with regular garlic from now on. 

Shallots are still in the ground for the moment.  Have decided to not worry about keeping any of the spring harvest of shallots for next year.  Have all the spring planted crop coming up and will use them as “sets” for this coming winter’s planting.

Meanwhile, in the bed that is now partially bare, have planted a second crop of zucchini and swiss chard.  Had tried chard in containers, and it is NOT as lush and productive as it is in the ground.  That’s fine for winters in the greenhouse, but am looking for fresh chard for cooking and as a raw green, PLUS frozen for the winter.  Chard is my substitute for spinach, which just doesn’t do well.  This year, probably would have been okay, but most years it bolts before the leaves get big enough to harvest!

My spaghetti squash seedlings have a 75% failure rate (only one remains from the original four), so also direct planted some more seeds for that.  Usually I get my best harvests in June, but again, this is not  a normal year.  Am still harvesting lettuce and snow peas from the garden!  GREAT year for the snow peas.

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