from cool and wet, to upper 90’s – literally overnight.  Tapping into the rainwater to take care of the garden.  Found this little sweetie among the purslane this morning.  I say it’s a gopher snake, someone I know disagrees, says it’s a night snake.  Notice it is NOT night!  Besides, I know this baby’s Mama.  It’s a gopher snake

garden1             garden2

Best year for purslane EVERY!  Last year was good, but this is insane! Remember, this is hot and dry AZ, not the moist forests of the NE or SE.  unfortunately, I let the morning glory be and last night clipped some of the purslane for our salad, and while chopping it up, realized there was a morning glory leaf in there too!!

meanwhile, the rhubarb is looking good, beans are forming on the first planting of bush beans, tomatoes and zucchini are forming. Something is eating the potato plants, just bare stems sticking up instead of lush foliage.  Neighbor gave us SEVEN summer squash the other day, and supposing some of our other neighbors got similar bounty.  This is the generous neighbor’s first garden, and they planted a lot all at once, no staggering the plantings.  Will they be surprised when its all done in a month and they have none in the freezer or anything.  Oh well, that’s how we learn

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