garlic and shallots


garden1 not a lot of garlic, but there are only two of us and some of these are pretty decent size. Despite the weird color shift on the photo and lack of reference, the bigger bulbs are about 2” diameter and are from garlic purchased at the farmers market in the fall.  The small ones on the right are from Seeds of Change, Persian star is the variety

garden2Why grow onions when you can grow shallots.  From 1/2 lb purchased at the health food store two years ago, have 5lbs.  The first year’s growth was to create the starts that grew into this harvest.  This spring, bought some for spring planting, there were 8 good bulbs from the package of 12, and I’d say I’ve got enough “starts” out there for 20!  They’ll be this fall’s planting for next spring’s harvest.

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