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Trouble with my zucchini and spaghetti squash seedlings equals poor plants.  And before the zucchini had a chance to recover, we zoomed into the upper 90’s / low 100’s.  Plant growth shut down.  Did plant some additional seeds, 5 or 6 to be exact.  3 sprouted, and one was eaten.  as I saw it was being attacked, fenced it in, but the fence was dug under and the plant eaten completely.

Of the 4 spaghetti squash seedlings, only one survived.  Planted 5 more seeds there, but only 2 sprouted.

Meanwhile, neighbors are keeping me supplied with summer squash. First gardening season, planted it all at once so they are swamped now and it will be over before they’ve frozen one piece!  yes, I’ve told her to FREEZE since she doesn’t can.

Second planting of chard hasn’t shown one sprout, so while we were out and about running errands, tried to find some chard seedlings.  No luck, but did find some butternut squash seedlings.  Pulled out my snow peas and planted the squash.

My third planting of bush beans is sprouting nicely. My pole beans are climbing their poles. The Wet spring gave us a very generous yield of purslane, we’ve been eating it twice a week. Today cooked some for the first time in a cream sauce with penne and grilled chicken.

Was given several pounds of apricots.  Gave some away along with instructions on how to make freezer preserves. While this is the first year I’m not the only veggie gardener in the neighborhood, I am still the only canner . . .  I seeded the apricots, added cherries and some apple puree to make fruit leather.  Unfortunately, let the mix burn so carefully poured off what I could, but that meant I lost a lot too.  Still a few apricots left.  If no one wants them, will just dry them.

Clouds this morning and there is talk of rain by next week.  Monsoons don’t usually hit here until early/mid July.  I’m working through what is in my water tanks, so it can’t come too soon for me!

My B’day present is here

No more putting our clippings and trimmings in the trash!  Clean up from our wood gatherings for the wood stove.  Mulch for the garden beds!!  I’m so excited! 

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