making Ghee

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of canning butter, make and can up ghee instead.  Basically glorified clarified butter, you heat the butter so the solids separate and let it continue to heat so the water is evaporated off. skim off the stuff that floats  (easier when the stuff has cooled off. then reheat and skin off what ever comes up, if anything), ladle the clear oil into hot dry jars and seal, and leave behind the mess at the bottom of the pot. No further processing is necessary.  Ghee does not go rancid, has a long shelf life, and gives butter flavor when cooking without smoking.  Some people use it as a skin oil (not me though, so no experience with that).   I heated the jars and lids in the oven rather than with water as the idea is to keep water out of it. This was five lbs of sweet butter.  You can also use salted, and expect a lot of the salt to remain behind with the solids.  When butter is on sale buy it up and make ghee.




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