garden update

On a general basis, the garden hasn’t done as well as I’d hoped and expected.  There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is a lot of experimentation with soils, growing conditions, etc.  There was a problem with squash seedlings, that lead to a late start with my zucchini, only now starting to produce.  The winter squash seedlings failed and had to be replanted.  Still haven’t solved the problem with blossom end rot in both zucchini and tomatoes. pretty much all my potatoes failed.  on the other hand, the flower gardens (not pictured here) all did very well which kept the pollinators coming.  Notes below on mulch product I discovered.

garden1 garden2 two figs – one on left is store bought and showing developing figs.  The smaller one was a bare root tree purchased on line and delivered early in the year as a 3 foot tall naked stem with bare roots.  Nothing happened for the longest time, but I kept it going and eventually, new growth came up from the roots parallel with the original (now clipped off) stem.  So hopefully I’ll have two figs.  Since these will be container grown, do not expect HUGE crops, but there is only me and he.

garden3 First time I’ve gotten pole beans planted yearly enough, at least I hope this was early enough.  Also planted them in a more shaded area.  maybe they should have had more sun?  No, think they’re good but time will tell.

garden4 garden5 garden6 Blueberry bushes, added mulch recently.  Each bush is a different variety and growing in slightly different conditions.  On the left, shade, lots of new growth from the base. Middle gets strong sun, no new growth from the base, but some from the existing growth. on the right, strong new growth from the base, good morning and early afternoon sun, gets into shade earlier than the middle one.

garden7 the Kiwi vine.  Started in a bright sunny location and was doing poorly, moved it into a shady location, but the heat turned on and thought it was going to die anyway.  Now, new growth.  So we’ll see on this one.  It might take the heat better once its established, it might not and die next year when it gets hot again.

garden8 garden9 Winter squash finally coming along.  Too late to produce fruit before the frost? hope not.  On the left is a spaghetti squash, on the right is a butternut.  Female flowers starting to form. These squash are growing next to each other, but not planning on saving seeds so who cares.

Have started mulching my plants for the first time ever. Discovered new product that is made from chopped up coconut husks.  Now I’m not a fan of the coconut coir stuff that’s sold in lieu of soil.  On the other hand, with the explosion of coconut products on the market (coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water), what is going to happen with all that coconut hull and fiber?  So these 4kg bags of compressed coconut coir are added to several gallons of water (they say 4-5 gallons, I’m finding more like 6-8), and suddenly this block is a wheel barrow full of mulch.  With as basic as our soil is, the increase in acidity will be welcome for pretty much everything!

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