garden1 In celebrating the harvest, I’m also reviewing how does my garden grow.  This little basket was this morning’s harvest.  Last year at this time I’d be using one 5 times the size and struggling to keep it all inside the basket limits.  There would already be 2 gallon bags of frozen zucchini in the freezer and we’d be tired of eating it.  At least one gallon bag of green beans, as well as at least 2 meals a week.

Instead, the zucchini in the freezer is all bought, as are the beans.  it takes days to harvest enough for one meal.  Zucchini aren’t getting much bigger than what you see in this picture.

Still, a lot to be learned this year.

First is about blossom end rot.  Has always been a problem, but this year, the tomatoes in the main garden are not experiencing it.  The garden is well covered with a shade cloth, from the west there is a new 6’ tall fence, and on the east a wind break.  The soil is not going through the serious dry/wet cycle of the past.  Meanwhile, in the east garden, where the tomatoes are still experiencing that condition, blossom end rot is rampant.

Mulch is also being used this year, never before.  and that is making a difference also.  So mulch will continue to be used in the future to again even out water, keep roots cool, and cause let stress to the plants.

On the other hand, flower gardens have never been better

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