Have just ordered 25 asparagus plants, 3rd year roots for fall planting.  As I’m a container gardener, that means 25 pots of soil.  Bought from Andys Asparagus Acres.  Actually, pretty expensive, but most other places aren’t offering 3rd year roots and I’ve no patience to wait years for a harvest!  These folks seem to have good comments all around, sure hope so.  Also, we’ve slowly been moving up the temperature zone. 7a when we moved here, and now 8a by some guides!  8b seems to be the max allowed for growing asaparagus.  we tend to end up with a Ph of 7 in our soil naturally, basic is good for asparagus.  have to struggle to get it down for the more acidic veggies.  Had to order more grow bags too, as I don’t have enough for 25 plants. comfrey compost seems highly recommended, fortunately, have that and will be expanding my comfrey next year too.  Oh well, mornings a wasting, better get out there and get to work on getting what pots and soil I’ve got out there as everything is on its way!

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