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saving seed

  far more attractive picture than what it looks like to save tomato seeds!  Bush beans, probably 4th or 5th generation from when I started growing and saving.  Just let the beans ripen and thicken, then dry, shell.  These will … Continue reading

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Always one

  No matter how hard I try, how carefully I look, one always seems to hide from me and become something big enough to be used as a weapon!

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small batch processing

  Don’t see what the fuss is about small batch processing.  Maybe its just so many people are new to canning so it seems like a big deal.  this is two 8oz jars of strawberries, blueberries and the last of … Continue reading

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second season

although the days are still VERY hot, we’re dropping down into the 50’s at night and so the second season for growing is upon us! started seeds for greenhouse growing a few weeks ago; broccoli, chard, spinach and lettuces. although … Continue reading

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getting ready

  have ordered asparagus for fall planting, getting the grow bags ready. 25 of them.  Right now, they are at the perfect level to take the 3rd year roots that have been ordered and should be in this week or … Continue reading

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