second season

although the days are still VERY hot, we’re dropping down into the 50’s at night and so the second season for growing is upon us!

sept 1started seeds for greenhouse growing a few weeks ago; broccoli, chard, spinach and lettuces.

sept 2although these roma plants are all determinate tomatoes, they have started growing again.  so far have been pleased with the yield I’ve gotten – although contrary to popular literature, that harvest has come over a period of some 6 weeks so far, with much more on the vine yet.  Do not get how people talk about this big harvest and pulling out their victorio and processing to make sauce and ketchup, and and and.  NEVER happens here!

sept 3 with the cooler weather the purslane is back!

sept 4green beans too.  I’d left these bush beans to go to seed for next year, but they’ve started growing and I’m harvesting green beans once again!

sept 5This is ONE zucchini plant, that has yielded 3 zucchini so far this week.  My other plants have also given me a couple.  This is more zucchini at once than I’ve had so far this year!

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