saving seed


seed far more attractive picture than what it looks like to save tomato seeds!  Bush beans, probably 4th or 5th generation from when I started growing and saving.  Just let the beans ripen and thicken, then dry, shell.  These will then go into the frig to stratify for a few months before planting.  One can also plant enough to let them all get big and “beany” and save the beans to use as dry beans.  If you are a person planning, preparing, etc. you will be glad you have the skills of seed saving if the SHTF!  and if that happens, hopefully you have enough of most things that the only place you will have to loot is the garden center’s seed inventory!

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2 Responses to saving seed

  1. Randy Jones says:

    Have you ever grown scarlet runner beans ? I enjoy them and just cant wait for the blooms to appear.

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